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Pinkard is a Colorado construction company specializing in ground-up, renovation, construction manager/general contractor (CM/GC), and design-build projects for over 60 years.

What's New

Men’s Mental Health Month: “We Must Keep Talking About It”

Men’s Mental Health Month: “We Must Keep Talking About It”

Partner Better. Plan Better. FRAME BETTER!


Our Expertise

We build senior living, affordable housing, multi-family, recreation, municipal, and commercial projects.

Featured Project 

akin Tennyson Apartments



Commit. Attract. Retain. Empower. Our People are our greatest asset. 

What Our Clients Say 

Affordable Housing Client

"[Your Team] had the foresight and directive to solve conflicts before they became larger issues, really managing the owner and architect 20bet casino appto make effective decisions to make this project an overwhelming success!"


Ground Up. Renovations. Big.
Small. We Do It all!

Our Approach

Partner, Plan, BUILD.
Our approach puts YOU in control. 


We're Hiring!

Pinkard supports, develops, and keeps
its talent close to home.

Subcontractor Partners

Our 20bet casino loginwork is only as good as the trusted subcontractors that work with us.

Get in touch!

Are you ready to build better? Send us a message, and we will connect you with our team.

Featured Project 

Thrive/Holden Street Apartments

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